Industry Endorsements

  • "Caren Hession combines her experience and unique background in specialist research (Equine Therapy and Beat Perception) with her talent and love for singing, songwriting and performing. As a vocal coach this enables her to teach with incredible insight into how to help people achieve breakthroughs mentally, vocally and creatively. Her genuine love for people, as well as her relentless passion to deliver education and opportunities to those seeking personal and artistic development, really shines through and it's been my personal pleasure to work with her as a colleague. I highly recommend Caren to beginner and professional singers alike."
    Joshua Alamu - Education & Development Mentor

  • "We have known Caren for over four years and believe her to be a vocal coach of the highest calibre, helping her students to achieve a vocal quality they never knew they could access before. As a mentor she has a knack of encouraging her students to find their true voice by digging deeper emotionally thus showing their true personality. She can also help solve problem areas technically by unlocking parts of a voice through a clear and uncluttered pedagoloical approach.Caren is a fine coach and mentor and we wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to any of our students who seek further work on their artist development"
    Richard Halton & Julie Gossage - Musical Theatre Coaches

  • "Dr. Caren Hession has all my admiration and respect. She is one of the most intelligent, dedicated and professional people that I know. Her vision and purpose with music and neuroscience is a game changer for the world. I am truly honoured to know her and call her a friend. "
    Miguel Manzo - Vocal Coach


  • "The most amazing, enlightening, fantastic, life-changing experience... I strongly recommend that anyone interested in singing - even just for themselves, should contact the fabulous Caren. "
    Colette Madden - Singer, Galway

  • "At the showcase, I met Joshua Alamu and I'm really excited to work with him in the future, along with the Musical Theatre coaches that are coming from London... My dreams for the future are hopefully to be on the West End"
    Orla Smith - Winner of Limerick's Got Talent, Limerick

  • "I can't wait to support performers in Ireland - to see how much more they can achieve with Stage Charisma and to make more of an impact in their artistic dreams"
    Randolph Matthews - Performance Coach, London

  • "Being able to create a semi pro music video to accompany the songs I am working on as part of the Green Room Sessions has been fantastic and a great way to mark another milestone achieved on my vocal journey. I can't think of a more personal gift to give somebody"
    Laura Phelan - Winner of Ultimate Artists 2016 Award, Galway

  • "Wow!! What an amazing gift to receive! Thank you Mad About the Voice Ireland Studios for encouraging my sister on her vocal journey and for producing this amazing video!"
    Shane & Lisa Lynch - Galway

  • "Providing piano for the 'Green Room Sessions' is not just a great privilege, it's also awe-inspiring. Caren offers an endless passion for singing, coupled with dedication and of course incredible talent. It's an honour to be a part of it"
    Sean Rowland -, Galway

  • "Already feels like a bunch of old friends getting together to share in something we love - singing and music! With an emphasis on an edgy and modern sound we are looking forward to exploding onto the scene with a funky and exciting repertoire"
    Amanda Bowe - Singer, Galway

  • "Different to other choirs I have being involved with over the years - choice of songs have a delightful edge that makes this choir unique! As well as having fun, I do think it brings a sense of liberty and spirituality, and of course good friendships"
    Yvonne Spelman - Wedding Singer, Galway

  • "Delighted to be part of the Phoenix Gospel Choir. It's new, exciting and full of energy! We sing from our souls and the directors raise our souls to the sky! Come, Rise with the Phoenix!"
    Johnny Garvey - The Voice of Ireland Live Shows Contestant, Galway

  • "To work towards getting up on stage and performing in front of people and getting into the emotions of the song and telling that story, was an absolutely massive achievement, something I thought I would never master"
    Louise O'Sullivan - Singer Songwriter, Kerry

  • "I was the proudest Mum in Ireland when Emma stood up on stage and sang "You're only one call away". I also feel (and others have commented) that the whole experience has given Emma extra confidence"
    Joanna Griffin - Parent, Limerick

  • "It was a truly uplifting and special experience. The showcase really brought out the performers' musical talent... the work she is doing is truly inspiring."
    Padraig Hughes - Singer, Mayo

  • "Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which, it is impossible to be silent"

    - Victor Hugo -

  • "A highly talented professional individual with a deep understanding and empathy for children that had special needs"
    Dan McInerney - Former Principal at St Michael's Boys School, Galway

  • "Coupled with her own musical background and educational achievements (PhD!!) this lady offers a unique experience tailored to meet the individual needs of every person she trains...hand on my heart, she is truly exceptional"
    Miriam Costello - Parent, Westmeath

  • "This lady will give her everything into building you up - to grow and become every ounce of the artist you truly are"
    Josephine Grace - Singer Songwriter, Wexford

  • "The focus on me as an individual artist was fantastic because it took away the need for me to compare myself to other people, which I had been doing for a long, long time. So I'm no longer in this race with all these other singers, it's just literally everyone doing their best, and working hard"
    Louise O'Sullivan - Singer Songwriter, Kerry

  • "Mad about the Voice Ireland has given me the tools and platforms to develop and showcase my talent. They have brought my voice and vocal abilities to a whole new level... I am singing songs I never thought possible!"
    Laura Phelan, Winner of Ultimate Artists 2016 Award, Galway

  • "Mad About The Voice Ireland trains you vocally and I think mentally as well... They really help you to become the kind of artist you want to be...They've also taught me that's it ok not to get every audition or win every competition I enter, that every no, is a yes in a different area"
    Bethan McKenna - Teen Star Finalist, Westmeath

  • "Little did I think... the impact working with Caren would have. My daughter was struggling badly at the time - attention span, melt downs and school were all suffering badly. Within weeks we saw a tremendous difference... In my opinion, there is nothing out there... that compares to this"
    Michelle Frawley - Parent, Galway

  • "It has given me a lot of confidence so I can sing anywhere I can now. I found the vocal exercises Caren gave me for singing songs, helped my singing voice and my everyday voice... I hope this will help younger people in the same situation as me."
    Emma Griffin - Singer, Limerick

  • "What an emotional, powerful experience! As soon as I walked into Caren’s studio, it just felt like I was meant to be there… the energy and vibe was just so encouraging and positive"
    Orla O'Connor - Singer, Louth