Industry Endorsements

  • "One of the most intelligent, dedicated and professional people that I know. Her vision and purpose with music and neuroscience is a game-changer for the world"
    Miguel Manzo - Vocal Coach, Barcelona

  • "A fully dedicated, remarkable and affable professional, Dr Caren Hession's methods for self-development are highly effective. With and through music, students find their sense of self, gain a sense of belonging which contributes to a positive change that permeates"
    Elaine (Charlie) Buckle, Fashion Designer, London

  • "The unstoppable Dr Caren Hession! A force of nature, positivity, kindness and so much support, she has given me a completely different view of singing and performing, and a strong positive self-belief. It has changed my life forever"
    Catriona Hegarty, Radio Presenter, Donegal


  • "Caren has a deep understanding of the depths of the human voice. She realises singing is not about ego or competition but that the voice is a glimpse into the heart of the person. Caren has helped me to value who I am and what I have to say to the world. I have found a place where I am seen and valued, a place where I belong"
    Lizzie Harrison, Life Coach, Galway

  • "All you can do is smile! RISE is an opportunity to just BE; be welcomed; be accepted; be respected; be fulfilled; be challenged; be inspired! RISE is where music and personal fulfilment meet!"
    Eilis O'Neill, Professional Development Advisor For Teachers, Galway

  • "I always leave the RISE Choir feeling happy! There are an abundance of fantastic singers and wonderful harmonies, but for the majority singing is secondary. People go to enjoy themselves, meet friends, challenge themselves, and take a break from the hustle and bustle of life. Simply put, just show up! You’ve nothing to lose and plenty to gain"
    Adrian Walshe - Technical Support Engineer, Tipperary

  • "Accompanying Caren's students for her Student Showcases is a great pleasure. The feeling of community, inclusion, and mutual support among Caren's students is remarkable, and is a testament to Caren's wonderful attitude and abilities as a coach. I look forward to many more!"
    Rick Harris, Musician, Boston/Galway

  • "Emotional and Inspirational! We have watched our daughter's self-confidence soar over the past four years. Caren has given her so much encouragement and the techniques to get the best out of her voice and her life. Emily is so proud to be part of this. Most of all, Caren is Emily's mentor and friend, and that is priceless"
    Michelle Manning, Parent, Limerick

  • "It makes such a difference when a teacher has a passion for what they do; who not only wants their students to develop vocally but holistically aswell. I’ve seen first-hand the creative and professional way Caren draws the best out of all those she works with. Through her teaching, they have overcome fears by learning to sing and perform, giving them confidence in all aspects of life"
    Carl Harris Singer Songwriter, London

  • "Sometimes in life you end up on a route you hadn't planned travelling. When that route is where RISE Choir are also travelling, then all you can do is smile. RISE is an opportunity to just BE; be welcomed; be accepted; be respected; be fulfilled; be challenged; be inspired! Rise is where music and personal fulfillment meet!"
      Eilis O'Neill - Principal, Singer and Choral Accompanist, Galway

  • "If the thought of singing in public scared me, then the idea of singing with other singers terrified me. What a revelation then to find the RISE choir. A welcoming, inspiring space to have fun, grow, and sing some uplifting contemporary songs with a wonderful bunch of people"
    Adam Cowan - Student, Galway

  • "I love, love, love Thursday nights! Singing uplifting songs with beautiful people, it's fun and pure heart energy! Personally I've grown from someone who almost left such was the level of terror to singing a solo at a public performance! The effects of singing translate to other areas of life. If you want change, growth and lots of laughs look no further!"
    Laura O'Connor - Choir Member, Galway

  • "Finding my voice has given me a level of confidence I never knew I had in me. I used to be so quiet and shy. I’ve grown so much as a person since I starting singing. It’s such a safe and encouraging environment with the most amazing and supportive people who believe in me. Never could I have imagined myself performing on stage in a million years but I now love it. It helped me figure out who I am. I believe it's the reason I am who I am today"
    Pam Crowe, Student, Galway

  • "Caren is a driving force for change and unlocks the true potential from within to enhance all aspects of my life. Her personalised approach empowers me to grow beyond what I thought possible. Caren has created a culture where there is a sense of belonging and true purpose. We laugh, we cry and we sing, its raw, its human and its very powerful"
    Laura McDermott, Project Manager, Laois

  • "Dr Caren Hession is an incredible coach and mentor. This has given me so much joy, confidence and growth. Caren is helping me find my true voice and what a special journey it’s been so far. I highly recommend it"
    Danielle Gingell, Fashion Creative and Artist, Mayo

  • "Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway."

    - Earl Nightingale -

  • "Caren is the fulcrum for encouraging motivation, self confidence, and belief. Her interests are far from personal, but rather seeking every individual's growth is her purpose"
    Heathcliffe Balzan Pianist, Band Leader and Musical Director, Malta

  • "Coupled with her own musical background and educational achievements this lady offers a unique experience tailored to meet the individual needs of every person she trains...hand on my heart, she is truly exceptional"
    Miriam Costello - Midwife, Westmeath

  • "One of those rare people you meet in life that can have such a positive, and indeed, life-changing impact on you! What Caren does is magical, beautiful and soulful, and far more than just singing! She really does give people the opportunity to shine, to grow in confidence, to reach their potential in such a beautiful way and to truly believe in themselves, often when others have knocked them down before"
    Sandra Moran, Graduate Studies, NUI Galway

  • "The focus on me as an individual artist was fantastic because it took away the need for me to compare myself to other people, which I had been doing for a long, long time. So I'm no longer in this race with all these other singers, it's just literally everyone doing their best, and working hard"
    Louise O'Sullivan - Singer Songwriter, Kerry

  • "Mad about the Voice Ireland has given me the tools and platforms to develop and showcase my talent. They have brought my voice and vocal abilities to a whole new level... I am singing songs I never thought possible!"
    Laura Phelan, Winner of Ultimate Artists 2016 Award, Galway

  • "Mad About The Voice Ireland trains you vocally and I think mentally as well... They really help you to become the kind of artist you want to be...They've also taught me that's it ok not to get every audition or win every competition I enter, that every no, is a yes in a different area"
    Bethan McKenna - Teen Star Finalist, Westmeath

  • "Little did I think... the impact working with Caren would have. My daughter was struggling badly at the time - attention span, melt downs and school were all suffering badly. Within weeks we saw a tremendous difference... In my opinion, there is nothing out there... that compares to this"
    Michelle Frawley - Parent, Galway

  • "It has given me a lot of confidence so I can sing anywhere I can now. I found the vocal exercises Caren gave me for singing songs, helped my singing voice and my everyday voice... I hope this will help younger people in the same situation as me."
    Emma Griffin - Student, Limerick

  • "What an emotional, powerful experience! As soon as I walked into Caren's studio, it just felt like I was meant to be there, the energy and vibe was just so encouraging and positive"
    Orla O'Connor - Singer, Louth