RISE Gospel Choir

This March, Dr Caren Hession is launching Galway's most promising Contemporary Gospel Choir.

Serving as an opportunity to connect, express and perform with those of like minds, our community choir aims to inspire, motivate and fulfil a collective purpose for any music lovers out there.

In addition, it also strives to provide a platform for singers of all levels and abilities to collectively explore and express their vocal potential in a fun, creative and explosive manner, while at the same time instilling each singer with a sense of belief, purpose, connection and direction for their talents.

  • "Already feels like a bunch of old friends getting together to share in something we love - singing and music! With an emphasis on an edgy and modern sound we are looking forward to exploding onto the scene with a funky and exciting repertoire"
    Amanda Bowe - Singer, Galway

  • "Different to other choirs I have being involved with over the years - choice of songs have a delightful edge that makes this choir unique! As well as having fun, I do think it brings a sense of liberty and spirituality, and of course good friendships"
    Yvonne Spelman - Wedding Singer, Galway

  • "Delighted to be part of the Phoenix Gospel Choir. It's new, exciting and full of energy! We sing from our souls and the directors raise our souls to the sky! Come, Rise with the Phoenix!"
    Johnny Garvey - The Voice of Ireland Live Shows Contestant, Galway