Industry Mentorship

At Caren Hession Vocal Studios we strive to provide singers with access to leading industry mentorship and current teaching philosophies.

Whether your vocal goal is to hit the big time, or just to discover who you are as an artist/person and develop some vocal skill, we believe that presenting students with a broad range of possibilities is key to assisting them in realising and fulfilling their unique potential. As such, we offer regular mentorship training events with industry professionals, in various fields of knowledge and interest, within the current music scene.

To date our programme has hosted workshops in Stage Performance and Charisma, Peak Performance and Mind-set, Rejig Your Gig and Live Band Performance, Vocal Style, Vocal Technique, The Art of Emotional Connection and Storytelling, Unlocking Your Potential and Improvisation, all aimed to help you to authentically perform, deliver and command a song and unleash your artistic talents in a fun, creative and nurturing environment!

Founder of London's most highly-acclaimed Artist Development Programme - "Ultimate Artists" - Joshua Alamu is one of the UK's most sought after Industry Vocal Coach, whose current clients include Rita Ora, Fleur East, Little Mix, J.P Cooper, Louisa Johnson and The Voice.

Dedicated to vocal excellence, Joshua's passion for music and vocal education knows no boundaries. He strives to assist singers in creating and achieving their unique vocal vision, thus taking artists one step closer to realising their vocal freedom - however big or small their dreams may be. All that matters is the voice, the music and the heart.

As co-founder of our studio, Joshua also serves as our leading Education and Development Mentor.

  • "I immediately loved her energy. It’s contagious! Caren has rebuilt my confidence and re-ignited my passion by removing fear of judgement. This is when you thrive and have breakthroughs. She seems to know exactly what you need even when you can’t see it yourself, just what we all look for in a teacher, coach, mentor and friend"
    Michelle Quirke, Wedding & Function Singer, Galway

  • "All you can do is smile! RISE is an opportunity to just BE; be welcomed; be accepted; be respected; be fulfilled; be challenged; be inspired! RISE is where music and personal fulfilment meet!"
    Eilis O'Neill, Professional Development Advisor For Teachers, Galway

  • "I always leave the RISE Choir feeling happy! There are an abundance of fantastic singers and wonderful harmonies, but for the majority singing is secondary. People go to enjoy themselves, meet friends, challenge themselves, and take a break from the hustle and bustle of life. Simply put, just show up! You’ve nothing to lose and plenty to gain"
    Adrian Walshe - Technical Support Engineer, Tipperary