Student Showcase

Our bi-annual Student Showcase acts as a prestigious, celebratory event highlighting the hard work and dedication of our incredibly talented Caren Hession Vocal Studios singers. Featuring performers of all levels and abilities, this memorable evening provides a passionate insight into the artistic journeys of our fellow students and the work that we do.

With a large staged venue, a full house band and a wealth of talented singers, our momentously special event has earned itself a remarkable reputation as one of Galway’s ‘must-see’ social events! Typically featuring RISE Choir, a group ensemble piece, special guests, surprises and more, our amazingly inclusive events will leave you feeling moved and inspired! 

In addition, these showcases also serve as a community fundraiser to support our Industry Mentorship Programme.

  • "Finding my voice has given me a level of confidence I never knew I had in me. I used to be so quiet and shy. I’ve grown so much as a person since I starting singing. It’s such a safe and encouraging environment with the most amazing and supportive people who believe in me. Never could I have imagined myself performing on stage in a million years but I now love it. It helped me figure out who I am. I believe it's the reason I am who I am today"
    Pam Crowe, Student, Galway

  • "Caren is a driving force for change and unlocks the true potential from within to enhance all aspects of my life. Her personalised approach empowers me to grow beyond what I thought possible. Caren has created a culture where there is a sense of belonging and true purpose. We laugh, we cry and we sing, its raw, its human and its very powerful"
    Laura McDermott, Project Manager, Laois

  • "Dr Caren Hession is an incredible coach and mentor. This has given me so much joy, confidence and growth. Caren is helping me find my true voice and what a special journey it’s been so far. I highly recommend it"
    Danielle Gingell, Fashion Creative and Artist, Mayo